Overview of American Home Shield (August 2022)

Aug 29, 2022 By Susan Kelly

The house warranty sector is highly competitive, making it difficult to choose a provider without some pointers. After looking into other competitors, the This Old House Reviews Staff settled on American Home Shield as their top pick. Check out our comprehensive review to find out more.

Regarding house warranty providers, American Home Shield is among the best. This firm has been serving its clients for half a century, offers complete protection, and has a stellar reputation for service. Please read for more information about American Home Shield's services, pricing, and customer feedback.

An Analysis of American Home Shield

We found American Home Shield to be the best overall among home warranty providers, awarding them a score of 94 out of 100. The company has been serving homeowners for half a century, has a wide variety of plans, is available in all 50 states, and has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau.


  • Possesses high ceilings for coverage
  • No need to keep track of upkeep
  • Supports a sliding scale of $75, $100, and $125 for the service charge.


  • Unfortunately, Alaska Repairs are not currently available. only during the first month
  • Over the previous three years, we've received over 14,000 complaints.

Policies & Packages from American Home Shield

American Home Shield insurance protects some of the most valuable possessions in a home. There are three pricing tiers to choose from at this company:

  • Platinum Shield: The Highest Level of Protection
  • When it comes to entry-level bundle policies, ShieldGold is your best bet.
  • For Critical Infrastructure, ShieldSilver Is Your Best Bet

Cost of an American Home Shield Policy

As far as house warranty companies go, American Home Shield's pricing is around par. Plan costs will fluctuate based on variables like your location, the coverage options you select, and the number of extras you add.

Determine Costing Strategies

Monthly premiums for American Home Shield typically range from $40 to $58. Reduced monthly premiums are available for service fees of $100 or $125. If you want a free quote for local plans, fill out this quick online form.

Paid Services

There is a monthly charge, but a one-time price is paid to the professional who comes out to fix the system or appliance. Prices for American Home Shield can range from $75 to $125, based on the customer's choice of a $75, $100, or $125 annual service fee.There is usually a direct correlation between the service fee and the monthly payment amount; the lower the service price, the greater the monthly payment.

Insurance Coverage for Your American Home in Your State

In 49 states, American Home Shield provides home warranty protection to homeowners. Unfortunately, it's unavailable in the Alaskan state.

Exceptions to American Home Shield Coverage

Standard plans typically exclude repairs for cosmetic issues, wear and tear, and upgrades to systems or appliances. Damage to a system or device caused by improper use is not covered. In addition, it does not protect you against damage caused by lightning or fire, so be sure you have homeowners insurance.

Some components or elements of a covered system or appliance may not be covered at all, depending on the conditions of your service contract. Some plans may include coverage for toilets and associated devices under the plumbing section but not for clogs resulting from collapsed, damaged, or broken sewage lines located outside the main foundation of the home.

The Boundaries of American Home Shield Coverage

If a breakdown or malfunction occurs in a covered system or appliance, American Home Shield will pay up to $3,000. The coverage limit will determine the extent to which the home warranty company will pay for repairs or replacements.

If the total cost of diagnosis and repair or replacement is going to be more than the cap, the company may offer a cash settlement instead. Cash compensation may be provided if neither repair nor replacement is feasible.


Since American Home Shield is a publicly traded corporation, financial data such as revenue and customer count are readily available. If the reports are to be believed, it is the largest enterprise of its sort.

There is a lot of data available on the profitability of AHS, which shows that it has been an excellent investment thus far. Consequently, it is not likely to disappear any time soon. Feedback on American Home Shield


This Old House's reviewers gave American Home Shield a 94 out of 100, making them their top pick for home warranty services. In addition to providing one of the broadest sets of protections in the business, AHS also lets you work with any provider of your choosing and offers flexible pricing. To find out how much it will cost to purchase a home warranty in your area from American Home Shield, you can get a free estimate online.

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