Geico Auto Insurance Review 2023: Get To Know Everything

Mar 01, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Geico is well-known for having wide coverage options, offering competitive costs, and providing excellent customer service. If you are in the market for automobile insurance, it is in your best interest to request a price estimate from this insurance company.

Since its founding in 1936, Geico has been consistently ranked as the nation's second-largest provider of comprehensive insurance coverage. The organization provides all conventional types of automobile insurance, including coverage for rideshare drivers and coverage in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

When looking for auto insurance, it is critical first to understand what this provider offers and then evaluate those offerings in light of the market's other options. Geico may not be the best option for you. Although customers like several benefits, it also has some negatives.

Geico Auto Insurance Coverage

Property Damage Liability Protection

Policyholders are compensated for any harm they cause to another person's property under this provision. It is often directed toward other vehicles but can also encompass other types of private property, such as fences and mailboxes. Every state in the United States has some property damage liability law.

Uninsured Or Underinsured Motorists

The coverage will help pay for your medical and passengers' expenses if an uninsured or underinsured motorist causes an accident. Certain jurisdictions offer uninsured motorist property damage coverage to assist in paying for repairs to your car if an uninsured motorist damages it.

Personal Injury Protection

If the policyholder or their passengers are injured in an auto accident, up to the policy's limitations, the insurance company will pay for their medical expenses and lost income. In addition to medical bills, PIP may pay for funeral costs and substitute services you need but can't provide because of your injuries, such as child care or dog walking.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage, like personal injury protection (PIP), helps pay for the policyholder's and their passengers' medical expenses up to the policy maximum, no matter who was at fault. But unlike PIP, medical payments don't cover missed earnings or necessities. Medical payments coverage (Med Pay) is not mandated in any state.


  • It's readily available in all 50 states.
  • Digital resources that are straightforward to operate.
  • There are several price cuts.
  • The cost of car insurance is significantly lower than usual.
  • Considered one of the easiest to use.


  • Insurance coverage based on actual behavior is scarce.
  • Requires the use of a GEICO agent for the purchase.
  • Many customers have voiced concerns about the speed with which their claims are processed.

GEICO Discounts Offers

While drivers from all walks of life may get affordable coverage with GEICO, you can save even more by taking advantage of the company's many available discounts. You can save money when you bundle or insure numerous vehicles with GEICO, have a clean driving record, and add safety features like an anti-theft system and airbags.

Students with high grades and drivers who have taken a defensive driving course are eligible for further savings. By doing things like always using a seatbelt, installing anti-lock brakes, and equipping your car with daytime running lights, you may qualify for some of GEICO's more unusual discounts. The military, federal personnel, and drivers on emergency deployment are all eligible for special savings from GEICO.

GEICO Ratings

Although GEICO has an excellent track record and performs well in customer research, not all feedback is complimentary. The BBB has awarded the provider an A+ rating, but the BBB has not granted the provider certification. Complaints about GEICO's customer service and the speed at which claims were processed were the most prevalent on the company's BBB page.

High-quality customer service is not guaranteed because the firm has low Trustpilot and BBB ratings. These ratings are based on feedback from less than one percent of GEICO's overall customer base, or fewer than 500 people.

Is GEICO Insurance Affordable?

GEICO provides affordable insurance options for drivers of every sort. It covers those seeking plans with full coverage as well as policies with basic coverage, people who are new drivers, young drivers, the elderly, and people who have a history of driving offenses. Because the firm sells policies directly on its website rather than via dealerships, it can keep dealership expenditures to a minimum.

It is one major aspect that helps keep GEICO's insurance rates low. Insurance firms usually would not divulge the methodologies behind their premium calculations. The amount of money you spend on auto insurance is determined by some variables, including age, credit score, and driving record.

Geico Mobile App

You can pay your premium, examine the specifics of your policy, and process claims using the Geico mobile app. It is nothing ordinary and should be expected from a contemporary insurance company. The Geico mobile app has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars on Google Play.

On the App Store, it has received a 4.8 out of 5.0 stars, making it one of the highest-rated insurance applications. Customers are pleased with Geico's customer care and the ease with which they may contact help via the mobile app.


GEICO is a wonderful option for drivers looking for basic vehicle insurance because of its helpful agents, reasonable rates, and various discounts. However, GEICO does not provide this type of insurance. Thus, policyholders whose lessor or lender mandates to include gap coverage on their policies will be out of luck if they go with GEICO.

You can bundle your GEICO auto insurance with your house, renters, or condo coverage. However, GEICO does not underwrite these other insurance policies; a different insurance provider may handle their claims.

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