Things To Know About Target REDCard

Dec 16, 2022 By Triston Martin

Three distinct meanings may be attributed to Target's REDCard: It might be a credit card from the retailer. It might be a debit card from the shop. And if you're lucky enough to get invited, it may be a Mastercard that you can use somewhere else that honors Mastercards.

You will get the same money-saving benefits regardless of whatever version you have, including 5% off anything you spend at Target or and free delivery on purchases.

Here are some ways you may get the most value out of your Target REDCard, in addition to using it for the daily purchases often associated with Target, such as apparel, household goods, and health and beauty products.

Buy Your Groceries At Target

The 5% discount at Target might result in significant savings if you conduct most of your food shopping there. According to the Consumer Expenditure Survey conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019, the average yearly amount spent on food prepared at home was $4,643. That family could save $232.15 yearly if they had a REDCard, which provides a discount of 5%.

The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express is a credit card that gets 6% cash back on the first $6,000 spent yearly in U.S. grocery purchases and then earns 1% cash back after that. This credit card offers a discount that is comparable to the one being offered.

You would get $278.58 in cash back for shopping at supermarkets over a year if you maintained the above spending level. Nevertheless, there is a price associated with using this card, which is now as follows: $0 intro annual fee for the first year, then $95, No matter the version of the Target REDCard you carry, there is no yearly charge associated with the card.

Buy Specialty Gift Cards At Target

When you use your Target REDCard to purchase specialized gift cards for travel, restaurants, movie tickets, and more, you will get a discount of 5%. This discount is available regardless of whether you are doing your shopping for a birthday, wedding, or holiday.

Consider buying specialty gift cards from Target for personal use, particularly for day-to-day things or services you can't acquire directly from Target. For example, you may purchase a gift card to DoorDash, Shipt, Hulu, or Home Depot from Target. You may get a discount of 5% on the purchase of the gift card, which you can then use toward purchases at that particular merchant. You are, in effect, exploiting the Target REDCard discount at stores other than Target to save money.

Shop Online At Target.Com

Convenience is one advantage of shopping online; a disadvantage is the addition of the delivery cost to the total price. If you pay the annual fee of $119 for Amazon Prime, all your purchases made on Amazon will be sent at no additional cost.

However, if you have a Target REDCard, you are eligible for free delivery on most things that you purchase at, and there is no fee necessary for an annual membership.

Use Target's App, Coupons, And More

Whether shopping in-store or online, if you have the Target app on your mobile device, you will have access to extra savings on select goods. Utilize the app to compile your shopping list as you look into available deals for the products you want to purchase.

When you are ready to pay for your purchase at the register, the app generates a bar code on your phone that the clerk may scan to deduct the appropriate amount from your total. You can also use the app to locate discounts as you buy by scanning the bar codes of products to see whether a discount is available for certain products.

On the homepage of, under the heading "Deals," you can see the current clearance goods, the weekly ad, and other deals. In addition, you may increase the value of most of these deals by using your REDCard to get a discount of five percent on the purchase.

You may use REDCard Exclusives to save even more money on your purchases. Discounts of this magnitude are made available to Target REDCard customers regularly and are updated periodically. For instance, on your card anniversary, you may get a ten percent discount on any transactions you make. To maximize the money you save, you should plan your regular spending around the discount. To get this offer, you must sign up to receive marketing emails from Target.

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